Competence Areas

At Change of Lane, we focus on the aspects that can make the most difference in our clients’ digital transformation efforts. In these fields, we deepen our expertise and create offers and services that are relevant, easy to understand and forward-looking in the ever-changing digital world.

Organizational Change

We know change management – We challenge frictions and enhance your chances of success. We create commitment and maximize the opportunity to succeed with your change initiatives.

The challenge is often inertia in change where we with established methodologies and tools create commitment and drive in the change work with support for any necessary iteration in a constantly changing world.

ADKAR or other change management frameworks can be used with advantage but often require adaptation to each unique change journey. Change of Lane has a self-developed tool support BizImprover that provides support from assesment to follow-up.

Frameworks and Security

We understand the importance of good IT governance and the importance it has for the functioning of cybersecurity and information security.. We know the models and have the methods to create efficiency and security. In addition, we understand the importance of being pragmatic and applying the models to fit your reality and the rules and legislations you have to deal with.

We contribute with our deep expertise on how the control models work and should be implemented, and how these models are adapted to the unique needs of each business. We help you navigate through these areas and create a balance between efficiency, security and practicality that suits your organization.

Our offering

Business Relations

We understand the importance of good collaboration between IT and business to be successful in a digital world.

Our philosophy is simple: Dialogue and understanding of each other provides effective collaboration and lays the foundation for sustainable profitability.

The challenge is often that you talk past each other with completely different conceptual worlds where we provide support to the business to communicate in a way that is understandable to the IT delivery and just as often we support the IT delivery to better understand the business’s challenges and priorities.

Financial Control

Use your money as efficiently as possible. We help you realize the value and usefulness of your IT investments.

The challenge is often to understand and control the costs of producing IT, which in turn leads to challenges in cost allocation and pricing of IT services.

We have long experience of this and together with best practices, we create conditions for more precise financial control with a focus on cost drivers and efficiency improvements. Our goal is to make you successful in your digital journey.

Our offering

Better Development

We understand how development activities are organized and managed for the best possible business value. Which models and methodologies can advantageously be used to clarify the work of the developers and improve requirements and dialog with the business.

The challenge is often that efficiency in development activities is difficult to measure and can be difficult to understand where we find possible metrics and hands-on tips on how IT development activities better utilize their limited resources effectively.

Agile, SAFe, Domain Driven Design and Specification by Example are some examples of approaches for increased quality and efficiency.

Vendor Management

The process of contracting and close monitoring of external suppliers is central in modern business. We can do everything from setting requirements via RFI and RFP processes to signed contracts and then follow-up during the contract period. We can also review and improve the quality of already contracted deliveries.

The challenge is often to have the ability and structure to run procurement of complex IT services where we with a deep understanding of the suppliers’ world and for contracting and collaboration forms around IT services are done in an efficient but balanced way.

Our offering