About us

Change of Lane started as a meeting between people from different backgrounds with common strong values. In our role as IT management consultants, we must make a clear difference and there should be no doubt about who has carried out the assignments. Our consultants should have their own experience of working in senior positions.

We will deliver with real knowledge and high integrity in all our assignments. The company’s culture should be characterized by a great commitment that jointly leads us forward. The culture we create is everyone’s responsibility, and we all share the success.

After 15 years in the industry, our strong values are still relevant and appreciated by our customers. 

“Together, we are better equipped than ever to continue delivering added value at the intersection of business and IT. Our satisfied customers create growth, which encourages and challenges us to be even better.”

– Hans Bergetoft, CEO and Partner

Our Team

Alexandra Bergetoft


Andreas Bodelsson

Competence Area Manager Financial Control

Carl Bergström

Charles Storkaas

Charles Storkaas

Competence Area Leader

David Hagdahl

Competence Area Specialist Governance and Frameworks

Eva Arvidsson Ekman

Competence Area Manager Organizational Change

Göran Herwin

Competence Area Specialist Financial Control

Gunilla Ek

Competence Area Manager Governance and Frameworks

Håkan Erlingsson

Competence Area Specialist Governance and Frameworks

Hans Bergetoft


Janne Granström

Competence Area Manager Business Relations
Julia Halén

Julia Halén

Competence Area Leader Organizational Change
Peter Wahlström

Peter Wahlström

Competence Area Manager Vendor Management

Petra Jonsson

Competence Area Specialist Organizational Change

Susanne Broman

Competence Area Specialist Frameworks and Security

Thomas Wergeman

Produktspecialist BizImprover

Tomas Zarnoczy

Founder and CFO