Significant Financial Services Company

Customers Challenge

The client experienced fluctuation in the service delivery quality of outsourced operations. There were specific concerns about overall processes, routines, documentation, and continuity planning with the operational vendor.

Project Description

Together with the client, we reviewed the vendor’s quality management system and documentation. Based on the review results, we created a detailed questionnaire to thoroughly understand the vendor’s quality efforts. The questionnaire was supported by relevant regulations and recommendations from agencies like the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and the Financial Sector’s Private-Public Cooperation (FSPOS).

With the questionnaire, we conducted several in-depth interviews with the vendor’s managers, business, security, and technical specialists.

Project Outcome

The findings, highlighting gaps between expectations and actual delivery, were compiled into a report. The report included clear recommendations on priority areas and advised initiating a quality improvement project in collaboration with the client and the vendor. It also proposed changes in governance and suggested ways to ensure sustained quality over time.

Tomas Zarnoczy