Global Industrial Company

Customers Challenge

The client faced issues with overall service quality, cost management, and technological innovation provided by their current IT vendor. Change of Lane was tasked with reviewing their existing telephony vendor supplying services across approximately 50 operational units globally.

Project Description

An initial analysis was conducted with the support from business areas, demanding higher service levels. With these clear requirements and expectations, we evaluated both technology and the vendor, focusing on contract structures, costs, governance, and improvement models.

Project Outcome

The client received a more cost-effective service with higher quality and future-proofed technology.

Detailed Results

  • Established a new and improved governance model.
  • Introduced new roles and involved more stakeholders.
  • Implemented a new approach for continuous improvements and better reporting from the vendor, enhancing response times and reducing incidents.
  • Revised parts of the collaboration agreement, positively impacting cost.
  • Recommended and led a competitive procurement process for the technology provider, resulting in:
    • Contractual commitment to innovation, rationalization, and automation.
    • Simplified end-to-end service delivery, ordering, and administration.
  • Achieved scalability and flexibility on demand.
    • Aligned with the current Microsoft strategy.
    • Reduced costs in both absolute and relative terms.
    • No remaining operational activities in-house.

This comprehensive approach significantly improved the client’s vendor management and overall service quality.

Tomas Zarnoczy